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Adhesives & Grouts

A key factor to consider when thinking about tiling an area be it wall tiles or floor tiles, is to ensure that the right tile adhesive is used for the application, an example of this is to ensure that bathroom tiles are adhered with a waterproof tile adhesive. Many tiles including floor tiles will require water to be mixed with the adhesive powder, all these instructions are printed onto the bad of the bags. Target Tiles also stocks a large range of coloured wall and floor tile grouts that can be used from grout joints from 1mm all the way to 15mm grout joints.

Self leveling compounds are often used to ensure that a sub floor is in perfect condition to accept floor tiles, be that a bathroom floor or kitchen floor, by pouring these compounds on to floor you can ensure that your floor will be brilliantly flat and easy to tile on with any size floor tile.

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