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Warmup Underfloor Heating

Warmup heating allows even DIY novices to install efficient, economical undertile heating in their home with minimal fuss.

Their innovative undertile heating wire systems are also suitable for wetrooms, so the tranquillity of your shower won’t be ruined by a chilly floor.

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More About Warmup

Warmup was one of the first electric undertile heating brands to arrive on the market with their loose wire system. It was a revolutionary idea to have a heated tile, and it took the industry by storm, especially as the installation of the wire could be completed easily by the consumer (besides the final step of connecting the wire to the mains).

Initially many people were dubious about the running costs of electric undertile heating, but providing the room is correctly prepared and insulated, it can be very economical to run compared to conventional heating systems. A typical bathroom size room of about 4m2 can be as little as little as 4.3 pence per hour.

Warmup are the market leaders when it comes to research and development, with a dedicated testing facility in Germany and 9 monitored locations in actual houses. This commitment to research allows Warmup to make more assured claims about their products than most manufacturers.

The key to achieving the published figures in your own home is insulating the floor. This will ensure you keep the heat-up period (when the wire uses full power) to a minimum - once it reaches the correct temperature, the heating system only runs at half power. By using proper insulation tile backing board a minimum of 10mm you can reduce running costs by as much as 50%.

The two Warmup systems most commonly used under tiles are the matting and loose wire systems. Both use the same 2mm dual core heating element, the thinnest on the market, which is BEAB approved and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The matting system is conveniently pre-spaced on a self-adhesive mat that can be rolled out and cut to suit the size of the room. This makes a good choice for larger rooms without much fixed furniture in. This system also comes with an optional output rating of 200W/m2 compared to 150W/m2 which Warmup recommends if the room has no other form of heating.

The loose wire system (DWS) is more commonly used for bathrooms and rooms with awkward shapes, as the wire is stuck down with insulation tape to the desired areas - no need to cut mats to fit your room shape. The wire is spaced evenly across the room to provide coverage across the whole area of the floor - choose from loose wire kits in a range of area sizes to suit the size of your room. And unlike previous Warmup products (and many other current competitor products), there’s no need to plan your wire layout so it returns to your start point - you can simply finish the wire wherever it ends.

The last piece of installation is wiring in the thermostat which has to be done via an RCD by a qualified electrician. A floor probe which accurately measures floor temperature is run from the thermostat and placed in the floor before tiling. The Warmup 3iE thermostat features a colour touch screen, floor & air temperature control and an energy monitor to keep costs to a minimum. Available in six stylish colours, the 3iE thermostat is an attractive yet functional addition to any home.

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